Great Customer Service Is Your Best Proposition

Separate your business from the crowded marketplace and seize the opportunity to deliver exceptional customer service and satisfaction, using the innovative routing capabilities of the Bluerock’s Inbound Contact Center.

Designed for Enterprise Business

Simplicity. The core concept of all Bluerock solutions. We’ve created the solution for business users who needs rich feature and functionality for their business. It’s easy to implement, use, and changewith our managed service approach, we configure skill groups, assign users, modify routing strategies, and re-configure call flows as you determine what is best for your business.

Inbound Contact Center Features

  • Agent Scripting with branch logic to manage even complex interactions and guide your agents quickly through the most successful resolution path
  • Web Integration APIs for real-time access to external data sources so your agents have enhanced contextual information when they need it
  • Agent Presence to determine the availability of a subject-matter expert for call transfer so customers get the in-depth answers they need with one call
  • ACD Skills-Based Routing to direct your customers to the right queue and the right agent resource for first call resolution
  • Priority Routing of inbound calls based on high-value programs and customer segments, regardless of queue order
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) gives agents a personalization tool when talking with customers by arming them with customer data presented to the agent desktop as a screen pop in sync with call arrival

Dynamic Environments

Bluerock’s Inbound Contact Center is built to better manage the changing needs of your business, regardless of:

  • No matter where your agents are located
  • Size of your business 1 user to 10,000 users
  • Number of locations that need to be serviced
  • Make changes on the fly as your business needs change

You will not outgrow Bluerock’s solution sets, or have to manage any upgrades or programming. That is what we do very well!