Management Tools Overview

Build your customer service center with innovative Management Tools. Optimize agent quality performance based on measureable metrics, gain actionable insights from root cause analysis, accurately schedule agents, and make quality assurance integral to your contact center with the Bluerock’s portfolio of solutions for Quality Management, and, Reporting, and Analytics.

Quality Management

Bluerock offers the best in automated Quality Management. Start with Quality Monitoring and Interaction Recording as your foundation. Add Agent Quality Performance Management to take your quality assurance processes to the next level.

Leverage analytic capabilities, including real-time speech analytics, and uncover the business impact of your contact center. With Quality Optimization and Analytics, you can monitor calls based on key dispositions, root-cause analysis to identify corrective actions needed for quality improvement, better sales performance, greater customer retention, and marketing campaign effectiveness.

Reporting & Analytics

Bluerock’s reporting module provides easy access to all the reports you need to monitor and measure the key statistics of your contact center and develop operational insights for process improvement.

Real-time reports allow supervisors to monitor the contact center more effectively by viewing statistics to improve reaction time to call volume, better manage agents and queues. Bluerock also provides access to standard reports with multiple views on inbound calls and programs, call dispositions, and outbound campaign metrics. You can also customize your reports based on the criteria you select to quickly build reports with the data you want to see, scheduled when you want them, and in the format you choose.