Increase employee satisfaction, and Improve Business Performance

In most contact centers, an agent’s entire lifecycle is measured in statistics like talk-time, number of calls, SMS, emails, dispositions, etc. What is not measured in those statistics is the complexity of technology an agent uses in their day-to-day responsibilities. Bluerock looks at technology like an operational process, where training an agent to answer a call, is the same as accepting/responding to a multi-channel inquiry. Simple and easily done! Bluerock understands that “less is more and simpler is better” to increase agent performance and employee satisfaction. We attribute our success in these areas through our operational efficiencies in application development and business intelligence. Bluerock simplifies the agent experience.

Cloud Contact Center Solutions

We provide cloud Contact Center solutions and services for many types of businesses: Inbound sales teams, Customer Service, Technical Support, Lead prospecting - outbound multi-media campaigns, Blended inbound/outbound solutions. Bluerock partners and offers API integration with many leading CRM, Lead Management Tools, and other customer database systems.

Increase Call Center Productivity

Bluerock’s Communicator delivers higher productivity by making all agent-customer interactions an inbound event (Calls, SMS/MMS, social media, email, etc.). These inbound events allow for better expectation of event handling times, identifying potential areas of concern, as well as, simpler/easier agent training and enabling quick deployment of new agents into a production environment.

The Bluerock Advantage

Fast Deployments
Our customers consistently provide us the feedback that the speed and ease of our deployments make us stand out from the competition. Your contact center can be up and running in days, not months, and you can easily scale as needed.

Ease of Use
Unlike many complex contact centers, Bluerock’s Communicator was created with the business user in mind. It’s easy to use, make changes, and intuitive enough that little or no technology training is required for your agents and supervisors.

Self-paced and Managed Growth
Our subscription model allows you to pay only for the agents you need, when you need them, and on a monthly basis.

Bluerock’s Communicator architecture is designed with firewalls, intrusion prevention, and a vulnerability management system. Our security team works to safeguard our infrastructure, applications, and operations against breaches and unforeseen events.

Reliable and Scalable
Bluerock successfully manages tens of millions of customer interactions every month. These successful interactions are supported by our redundant architecture and global data centers. Mitigating service disruption and providing maximum up-time. Always available, always on-line and always working.

Why Bluerock?
Now more than ever, success in business is achieved by truly finding the right business partners, with likeminded expectations and the zeal to deliver the best. At Bluerock, our best is a goal we look to attain each and every day. We believe by offering business intelligence and managed services as part of our service offering. Our business customers will realize the competitive advantage Bluerock brings to their businesses. To learn more about Bluerock’s Solution sets, please click here to schedule a live demo with one of our solution specialists.