Inbound Meets Outbound

Bluerock’s Blended Contact Center gives you a mix of inbound and outbound capabilities that work together seamlessly to create a managed active blending of traffic. Proactively being able to manage yours customers and to create a truly satisfying customer experience, while ensuring agent operational productivity is at all-time highs. Innovative dialer technologies automatically moves outbound agents to inbound queues, and when there are no inbound calls in queue, it shifts to outbound call processing. Using Bluerock’s proven technology you will be able to realize significant gains in productivity, improved measurable metric, and most important unparalleled customer service and satisfaction.

Purpose-Built for Agent Productivity

The average amount of idle time per agent per day is close to an hour. That’s a lot of time agents aren’t interacting with customers, and it costs businesses plenty. Bluerock’s blending algorithms make productivity and efficiencies core to the workflow of your contact center, enabling you to replace idle time with customer talk time, close the profitability gap, and open up potential revenue opportunities. Your agents have a unified desktop to manage inbound and outbound programs simultaneously, on a call-by-call basis, delivered with the right agent scripting. Organizations know that the contact center is where customers interact with their business. The need for a professional customer experience starts when they first dial your number, by using Bluerock’s innovative solution sets, along with agent productivity metrics helps your organization win in the best customer experiences.

Leading the pack

Bluerock’s innovative blending contact center allows you to easily configure business rules to add and schedule to the outbound queue automatic follow-ups on any interaction. Maximize agent time when there are no calls in queue to:

  • Follow up on abandoned calls
  • Provide Customer Surveys
  • Proactively alert customers of order status or issue resolution

All Bluerock’s innovative solution sets work together as a single system, eliminating the technology gap between inbound automatic call distributor (ACD) functionality and outbound dialers.